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Dear parents,

the Health and Safety Unit is working to promote awareness among all students on health and safety issues through the project Catch’em Young. Today we had our fourth visit from our health and safety teacher, Ms Donella Mercieca where she spoke and showed the kids a powerpoint presentation and a video about

The Importance of Physical Exercise.

You can find similar videos about Crawford the cat on youtube.

They also enjoyed assembling a jigsaw puzzle of pictures of different physical activities like football, dancing etc.

Other lessons that the children had with Ms Mercieca were about:

  • Washing Hands
  • Brushing Teeth (Oral Hygiene)
  • Personal Hygiene

A lesson about Nutrition and Rest will follow soon.

Below you can find photos of today’s lesson as well as two short video clips.


Ms Claudine

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Dear parents,

please note that today your children have been given an access code to log-in to the new “Study Ladder” Literacy and Numeracy website. All my class children now have home access to activities on StudyLadder. It is NOT compulsory for your child to log into Study Ladder from home, but any additional access to this site will be beneficial if they enjoy doing the activities (with your guidance). Free home access allows each child to play only 3 new activities each day so I suggest you click on the activies (at the bottom of the site’s page) where there’s written:

Below are activities that your teacher or parent would like you to practice.

as these will be the ones I will be suggesting them to use and we will be using in class. Other activities might be below or above their level. Using the site regularly helps build confidence and their bonus points.

:: Go to  www.studyladder.com.au or click on the study ladder’s picture which you can find on the  right side of the blog

:: Sign with the class username and password given to your child.

:: Access activities from your child’s overview page.
:: The warm-up challenges are good interaction activities for parents and their children.
If for any reason you are unable to access using the class login, you can open a free home account for parents which allows the same home access to activities.
If you need help logging in or gaining access please email

Comments are welcome.

Ms Claudine 🙂

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‘b’ and ‘d’

Dear parents,

this is a simple poster showing ‘b’ and ‘d’ the correct way round in a pictorial way which I like to use in class.  It can be printed and used as a useful visual reminder to display in your child’s bedroom.


Ms Claudine

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