Maths: Counting on

English: Oxford Reading Tree – On The Sand, Happy House – Goodbye 

Phonics:  revision of all sounds + put ‘i’ or ‘ee’+ next two tricky words

Maltese:  Biex tispiċċa?,  Ittra Kapitali: ‘U’


Dear parents,

just a short note to let you know that I am constantly adding news tasks on the studyladder website. Today I’ve added new tasks (videos and games) related to adding with 3 numbers and counting in 10’s for the kids to watch and play at home .
Ms Claudine

Maths: Add 3 numbers and Count in tens

English: Oxford Reading Tree – The Toys’ Party, Happy House Unit 5 lesson 5 

Phonics:  revision of all sounds + i-e sound + next two tricky words

Maltese:  Kbir jew Kbira  Ittri Kapitali: ‘S’, ‘T’

Dear parents,

please note that your children have an outing to Gymstars on Friday 27th May. I will collect the money by Monday 23rd May please. On that day they need to wear their PE Kit. Kindly give them 2 bottles of water as well.


Ms Claudine

Il-poplu Malti għandu bżonn ikun konxju aktar dwar l-ambjent, b’hekk għadna nwettqu t-3 R’s li nirriċiklaw, nerġgħu nużaw u nnaqsu l-prodotti.

Dear parents

hope you’re having a lovely weekend. 🙂

Tomorrow we shall have a mass to celebrate the crowning of Our Lady so the kids can bring a candle and a flower.

Let me remind you that on Tuesday the children have no school as it’s School Development Day for us staff.


Ms Claudine